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Alfa Group Ltd. have cars of 14 € per day small stylish cheap rental car. You need a family car for your holiday with us will find special cars and mid-size sedans priced at € 24 automatic and diesel want stylish car rentals for business meeting or a long way to spend less is automatic and is representative, no problem, only here you will find the luxurious Hyundai Sonata 2014. and Kia Optima / K5 / 2014. full gas liquid phase fifth generation automatic with leather seats and all extras for the high-end car rental at a low price only 37 € Low 9lv. / 100 km! Of course most luxurious our proposals with and without a driver of Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Range Rover prices of 70 €. In our website photos of cars are real and our prices are no hidden charges, no limited mileage all cars can travel abroad. When we hire just the car of your choice and get what's in the picture and not a similar or the same class can react immediately to get a rental car because we have our own fleet over 30 vehicles nyaama to ask permission from the leasing companies or as reservation systems still ringing and look for a car and eventually get a car class, not what you have ordered. Also we are a direct importer of Hyundai Sonata and40 and Kia Optima only gas we sell with a guarantee one or two years, offer easy lease these cars and service during the warranty and after the warranty service and spare parts For more information visit our website or call +359888357657. www.rentauto.bg or www.carsbul.com

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