сряда, 31 октомври 2018 г.

Rent a car at low cost Sofia, Bulgaria. We offer the lowest price price price ratio! No hidden charges and no mileage limitation! Our car rental rates start at 19 € a day for low budget car rentals 27 € for middle class family cars, 37 € for luxury car rental and 45 € for premium segment and SUV 4x4, mini bus 8 +1 at prices from 39 €. We offer 40 rental cars from Jaguar rental rentals, Lexus Rentals, Hyundai Rentals, Kia Rentals, Škoda Rentals, Reno Rentals, Chevrolet Rentals and Audi Rentals, all rental cars are in perfect technical condition and are offer with and without a driver for Bulgaria and Europe. The photos on our site are the real cars you will rent not like or something fundamentally different. We guarantee quality rental cars at low prices. For more information visit our website www.rentauto.bg

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