събота, 27 октомври 2018 г.

Cheap car rental at low prices. Car rental in Sofia by Alpha Group is an experience not just renting a car, but renting a different rental car from Jaguar, Lexus, Folswagen, Mini Cup, Hyundai, Kia, Renault and Skoda. Our prices start at € 19 and our deluxe offers reach only € 88 per day! We offer over 40 new and well-maintained cars 5 mini bus 8 + 1 and 4 - SU 4x4 / SUV - 4x4 /. We offer car rental and overseas European Union and outside the European Union Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rent a car with a driver on your assigned route and transfers to anywhere in Europe and Bulgaria! All prices are final with no hidden fees and no limited mileage. The cars of our site are with your real pictures rent this car you order not like! We only offer luxury car rental with a liquid gas phase of the Kia and Hyundai brand. Turn your car into an experience because with our cars you will be different and your travel experience! For more information visit our site! www.rentauto.bg, tel. 0888357657

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