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Cheap car rental in Bulgaria, Sofia. How much does it cost to rent a car in Sofia, Bulgaria how cheap is the cheap car rental? Do not believe in rental deals for 9 € or 15 €, this is either a commercial leak or after you pay all taxes and insurance and the price per kilometer the price will increase repeatedly or the other option is to see a photo of a nice rental car And then you get something completely different for that Alpha Group ensures that it offers the best price-quality ratio with no hidden fees and no limited mileage for the country and abroad. We offer car rental from 20 to 220 € per day, 4x4, mini bus 8 + 1, rent a car, all the pictures of the car hire company site are the real cars you will rent for more information visit our site or call .

Sales, service, spare parts of Hyundai and Kia
Car hire, 0888357657
Sale, service, spare parts of Hyundai and Kia

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