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Cheap or expensive car hire how much does a rental car cost during the summer?
What car hire to take in the summer and from where?
Car hire for 9 € quite attractive offer but not real after this price will have VAT, insurance, taxi limited kilometers after which is paid and what else. Get a rental car that is practical to suit your needs and tailored to your travel to your people and luggage. Whether you travel outside of the country, you will drive many kilometers with the rental car or go to a place and rest. If you choose a rented car from alfa group, we will give you the right advice for the car that will be most suitable for your trip. Your rented car will be with all the necessary documents and insurance for your peaceful, safe car hire in European and non-EU countries. Our cars are with their real pictures, all prices are final without additional insurance and fees. For more information visit our site. We offer a wide variety of rental cars from models, engines and classes.

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Sale, service, spare parts of Hyundai and Kia

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