вторник, 22 декември 2015 г.

Car hire for 1 or 3 days in Sofia is the - searches period and most - not as advantageous price. Renting a car to leave your rental car at a bargain price during the lease must be at least 4 days otherwise even the cheapest rental cars are at a high price, because renting a car to rent for 1 or 2 days is the risk of letting agencies to car rental, because for a few days hire cars from risk customers or those with criminal intentions. For this my advice is, if not Sette regular customer of a company car rental to describe the purpose of the trip itinerary and reason for hiring and to offer a double guarantee - deposit for the rental car, which ultimately returns.
For cheap car rental if they are under 14 € surely behind the price will hide hidden fees or restrictions in mileage, insurance or other charges. For luxury cars if for a short period of less than 50 Euro certainly also a catch. Guaranteed quality cars for the appropriate prices without hidden fees, visit our website or call.

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