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Why car rental prices and when we need a rental car. Cars, busn 8 + 1 and 4x4 hire in Sofia Alpha Group. Car hire we need when we are on vacation, rental car when business and personal car in service when traveling abroad and for lease to companies and individuals - operating leases. When you rent a car by Alfa Group for your holiday we guarantee perfect rental car that can travel safely at home and abroad to prepare proper travel documents for your journey to get to where you're going to be comfortable journey you consult any car hire to optimal ratio price quality in your journey check with your luggage, people and mileage, as well as ways in which travel is not always best - cheap car hire out meaningful or would be comfortable for a long time. Rental car for a few days while the car is in the workshop, I suggest small city car rental or station wagons, diesel rental. Lease or an operating lease then take a rental car at - bargain price because of the long period not care about the technical condition, consumables and taxes on cars in breakdown is replaced, not kept as leasing or credit to your saddle the central credit register. Car rental, minibus 8 +1 or 4x4 hire of Alfa Group is advantageous because it easily and will welcome professionals with 20 years of experience to have the best car hire. For more information visit our website or call.

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