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Alfa Group has 20 years of experience in offering car rental in Sofia. We are based in Sofia, but also offer car rental in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna. We try to be honest and responsive to our customers and their needs. We have maintained fleet of rental cars in different classes and specifications over 40 car rental. Depending they fix the price of rent of the car.
Car hire in Sofia - but what?

Many factors determine the correct choice of car rental: In Depending on what you use the car, how many passengers you are and what your luggage, what speeds (mechanical or automatic) are used to driving. If properly assess your needs - the choice will be easy!
We are available - will answer your questions!
Rent a car for travel in Bulgaria and abroad with and without a driver.

We have a secure and comfortable cars:
Family Car Rental - 5/7/9 local, automatic, diesel, sedan, wagon diesel, gas and gasoline

- This type of cars are suitable for long journeys in Bulgaria and abroad. Equipped with all necessary facilities and security systems and ample luggage. The long journey will not affect you, our cars will be your new adventure in the summer. You can take a mini van or rent or passenger van with 9 seats have 7 van.
Vans for rent - 5 or 7 seats, automatic, diesel, 4x4 brands of BMW, Mertseds, Range Rover and Hyundai.

- All our rental vans with high-end equipment with automatic transmission (automatic). Suitable for severe winter weather and a cool and safe travel during other months.
Mini van rental - 5 or 7 seats, automatic, diesel

- If you have more and you need a comfortable ride along it, minivan rental is your right choice. Depending on how you make a choice between 5-7 local minivan or 9 seater bike.
For more information visit our website or call make sure you get more than you expect at a good price for a car hire price to quality.

www.rentauto.bg, +359876831441
Zapaden Park Bl.33A office 5

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