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Cheap Car Hire - how? Alfa Group 11 offers midrange and luxury cars at prices low budget and cheap car rental.
 Most of us are given leave only once or twice a year. And you have to spend so that we do not painfully offensive to useless spent days in the company of-the-go guide-interpreter and noisy, boring crowd of compatriots fleeing in a row behind him, hoping to see all curious and important as bus She is not gone. Availability of own car abroad or in Bulgaria is incredibly practical and flexible way to travel. When traveling in a company is also a cheaper solution than public transport.
This article will share their experience of renting a cheap car rental, will tell its mechanism and some tips for depreciation of that decision. A few tips before you book a rental car for the first time will encounter a number of times incomprehensible, though in the end it is incredibly simple!
What to start the search options?
What determines the value of the rent?
Navigation / GPS
What to do when receiving and returning the car
Where not to rent a car?

Car hire in Bulgaria:
Alfa Group is one of the leading car rental in Bulgaria, the offices of which are located in convenient and easily accessible locations across the country - all airports, cities, summer and winter resorts. . The fleet of the company consists of new and varied vehicles and opinions of Bulgarian and foreign clients who use the services are more than positive - over 90%. Alfa Group offers:
Transfers - for tourism or business groups and individual travelers to any point in Bulgaria and Europe.
Roadside assistance.
Term of lease
The more days, the lower is the value of the vehicle
For example, I have noticed that the rental car hire for seven days is often equal to the value of 5 days
 The rent in the city office and the airport is different.
Always check different locations. In my experience in Europe the value of rental cars taken at the airport are always more expensive.
 Age of the driver and driving experience
You can have many variations, be sure you read the rules of the companies that provide car rental.
Companies car rental the minimum age of the driver of their car at their discretion. Yet here there are general rules: the more expensive the rental car, the higher the minimum age and experience of the driver. For example the rental of some compact cars can claim a driver older than 18 years of experience in driving up to 1 year. Car rental of high class are available for drivers 25 and older.
 Important concepts and terms of insurance to most car rental
Insurance terms used in the contract for hiring a rental car
Analogue "CASCO" (Damage waiver, collision damage waiver (CDW), loss damage waiver (LDW) - Limitation of Liability for damage. CDW is not insurance and reduce your financial liability for damage to the car. In case of failure your rental car renter's responsibility does not exceed a fixed amount (deductibles) specified in the contract.
Theft Protection (TP) - Limitation of Liability for theft of all car rental.
Personal Accident Insurance - compensation of damage in an accident. Analogue medical insurance, but only applies to cases occurring in people who are in the car or disembarkation / embarkation in the car.
For example deductible of Sixt CDW can be € 800, € 350 or 0. Accordingly, increasing the value of options for day
The good news is that rental cars Alfa Group all these incomprehensible charges and insurance are included in the price !!!
 At our price is final and not limited mileage with real cars !!!
 Additional options when hiring a car rental

additional driver
Everything depends on the company's car rental you've chosen. Sometimes this option is free, but usually cost 5-15 euros per day. If you plan to use a second driver we recommend to shape it officially because it can be especially serious argument upon the occurrence of an insurance case.
 Good news again with Alfa Group have the right to three drivers free!
My advice with GPS navigation:
Use mobile Wifi 3G hotspot in the car. Arrive in the country, buying a 3G internet card (usually 10-15 Gb) and you have the Internet for the entire journey. So while driving his expensive or cheap car hire EVERYWHERE you can use Google Maps, Google Places, Panoramio, etc. Your smartphone / lanshet / iPad and no longer are dependent on the "free wifi" in stations.
Be sure to interrogate the manager of the company's fuel policy in hiring rental cars:
Options that I have encountered in hiring rental cars:
 Taking a rental car with a full tank and return with a full tank
Always save receipts from gas stations, especially the last before the return, because in Bulgaria and not only can you pour poor fuel or diesel instead of gasoline or vice versa then if you did not keep the note damages are at your expense.
Change the date / time in the camera / phone of current and shoot your rental car after receiving / before transmission of all parties + photo mileage. Even if you see a small scratch on the bumper a bold return to the manager and ask them to mention this in the lease of the scheme of the car.
Check availability of fluorescent vest, a sign of emergency braking, books, manuals, etc.
Return / receiving car hire in non-working hours:
As agreed in the employment of the car.
The team of Alfa Group remains about your questions and our advice to rent a car in Bulgaria and abroad, for more information visit our website

www.rentauto.bg, +359876831441
Zapaden Park Bl.33A office 5

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