неделя, 24 януари 2016 г.

Rental car . Alfa Group ensures quiet travel in winter because rental cars offering are good prices in perfect condition and we are the only company that offers car only a master gas, as we ourselves are importers of Hyundai and Kia LNG from Korea sale rental and leasing. We also offer minibuses 8 +1 rental and our most expensive car rental company for a long period, prices start at 9.90 € per day. Prices for rental cars are no hidden charges and VAT not limited mileage can travel in the European Union and beyond, to all documents for your relaxing trip we will take care. Our cars are not real photos taken from the Internet or vague classes brands and what you see in the photos of the rental cars that are hiring. We guarantee that you will receive individual treatment and much more than you expect, for more information check our website or call.

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