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Hyundai Sonata and Kia K5 Y20 gas liquid phase opinions and impressions of the cars. Hyundai and Kia are the same brand with different brand only difference is in the design of vehicles such as engine, gearbox, fuel system and suspension are identical. Fuel consumption outside urban 8,5l / 100km urban 11-12 l / 100km. Engine and two cars with chain and does not require replacement of the timing belt, pulleys and water pump. The fuel system is very simple fuel pump which is located in Samten gas tank, special gas distributor, which conveys the gas into liquid to gas injectors of the engine where directly injected into the engine system is equipped with warming so as to unite in tempereaturi -19 degrees cold start without problems unlike diesel and petrol engines with this fuel system will be expensive and damaging units as VPF filter Landa probes, catalysts and sensors supporting these aggregates. The car is an alternative to electric car with virtually zero emissions. Kia and Hyundai, as the interior are made of solid and well isglezhdasht material headboard and nice leather seats very comfortable for maintenance inside the car is very spacious with comfortable seats and beautiful contemporary panel all cars have air conditioning or climate control and possible installation of original navigation and reversing camera and a lot of extras that can give yourself ordering sites mentioned on our site and we will only mount. ONLY CAR PURCHASED BY ALFA GROUP 11 LTD ARE WITH SOFTWARE angliiski and guaranteed after sales its own service, spare parts, replacement car and car rental for more information visit the company www.carsbul.com. Gearboxes are two types 5 and 6 speed, not advise 5 degree box, for no other reason but because the car is noisy at high speed and spends half a liter more way both boxes are reliable and oil change is about 200 000 km, but without changing the filter because if you want to change it to the filter needs to be replaced and the hull performance, because all new models is integrated into the housing. If you are interested in official predsavitelstva trade marks for these cars will be given vague explanation or no because these cars do not come from the official importers have small differences in consumables such as brake pads, spark plugs, nozzles and some external parts especially this is true for Hyundai Sonata about buying such a vehicle, check exactly who will maintain not trust smart conclusions by people who do not know cars dvigatelite, gear systems, software and electronics and most important combustion system very little gas srvizi have software for this otherwise simple system about declaring that because not quality gas in Bulgaria this system is risky makar gas is a mixture of propane and butane in petrol and diesel risk is very large, which impurities have the right, while gas, it can not happen. So as a reliable gasoline car so it should be and that only gas liquid phase.
With a charging car travels according to riding style, the weather outside urban: 800-900km; Urban: 500-700km.
At the end I want to go back on the purchase of such kola- emphasize that the only company that is authorized to sell and maintain the warranty and outside the warranty is 11 Alfa Group Ltd., Sofia Boo Al.Stamboliyski 196 / Lidl. 0888357657

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