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Sofia car rental where and why? As a company renting car rental will give you a few tips on where, why and what kind of car to rent than that guarantee the - good prices for car rental in our cars are exactly what you see in the picture and prices are final with no hidden fees and not limited mileage. When viewing offers car rentals for Bulgaria and Sofia advise you to watch a few simple things. Check if the company is real or take a cheap car by a private individual, dealership or somewhere on the Internet with no clear origin. Check fixed address, how much about real car rental at the company or the place where you rent the car, failing that likely did not get a rental car or get a rental car in disrepair and become damaged and then start your problems and little time for rest turns into a nightmare suggests that will not be able to replace your car or if a customer for a longer period will prefer it and you will mumbled some vague explanation. See how it looks car or van which are hiring. It is important and the final price did not initially announced promotional price for a rental car it is possible to ask for much more obscure fees and insurance with no yasnena benefit to you as not included VAT not included insurance has limited range and is paid the difference and order additional fees and deposits that change is not clear how. Therefore ask short questions What is the final price and where to get the car fault what happens to car hire and will replace it there and what time, what comes to insurance there full car insurance for rental cars , watch what documents you submit car hire if valid, ask exactly make, model and fuel the car rental company will provide and last not the cheapest rental car is the most beautiful and the most - expensive in the best companies in rent will choose the - best car rental to suit your needs and budget car hire. For more information visit our website or call for your personal consultant for your car rental.

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