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How to choose a car hire in Bulgaria, Sofia?
Make it the same way you choose where to stay in a hotel which, at sea or mountain near or far you are traveling. Consider your luggage and how people travel. All these things are very important to make the travel enjoyable. Now will I give you some professional tips on how to choose a car hire and the firm. 1. Choose your car so that you can make a nice car hire is not buying a car, so you let something else you can not buy in the way of new and high-end car than you have to enjoy the journey, it's like to stay or 5 star hotel or in hostel. If at - cheapest price for car hire in Sofia is - important to you should know that: you can take too old car in poor condition, to trick a cheap price and then be there to pay extra charges, insurance, taxes vignettes kilometers after a certain mileage and whatnot. For this select company car or minivan rental with real photos of cars that offers no classes or similar car, ask for the year of manufacture and then check the coupon of the car. Inspect tires for the passenger compartment is nice to take pictures in front of a company representative. We guarantee that our cars are the best - prices for rental cars and minivan real cars, no hidden fees and no limited mileage. For more information call or visit our website.

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