неделя, 12 март 2017 г.

Sofia car rental in Bulgaria and abroad with and without a driver. Car hire in Sofia from Alfa Group is new, technically correct supplied with all documents for your trip home and abroad. Cheap Car Hire in Sofia real total price rental car we will not promise you rent a car for € 9 and then add various insurance charges VAT and whatnot. Rental cars at us with the ultimate price for car rental, inclusive of all taxes, insurance, VAT and limited mileage in our car rental does not pay fees range or invented some other fees pay only insurance for abroad leave immediately. Rental cars are exactly those you see in the picture is not similar or distant similarities. For more information about automobile, bus or 4x4 high hiking with UV see our website or call +359888357657 - Alfa Group Ltd., a company with 20 years of experience flexible prices for car rental and leasing. www.rentauto.bg

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