четвъртък, 1 септември 2016 г.

How much rental car in Sofia. Everyone wants to enjoy the most - cheap car rental, but actually how much most - cheap car hire in Sofia has the most - amazing offers starting from 9 -10 Euro per day, but how many are real? To trust company car rental must zinete that many colleagues tricking with an initial low price and then charge fees, insurance, special deposits and many others. The other catch is that these are individuals or dealers who can not sell cars there are problems that either cars are very old and in poor condition, uninsured and in poor technical condition. For this before you rent a car in Bulgaria bargains check what car and exactly how much money will rent. My advice for car rental is the minimum price may not be less than 20 € a day, take your car hire firm to rent a car than by individuals and dealers, stimulate Bulgarian companies car rental not foreign companies such as Hertz, Avis, Europe car, and others let them enjoy them foreigners :) for more information about car rental from 11 Alfa Group, visit our site. We will offer you high quality standard prices for car or minibus hire.

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