събота, 2 април 2016 г.

Car hire in Sofia. Our company offers car rental with high quality at low cost. We also offer minibuses 8 +1 rent over 10 models. You get and the best price for new 4X4 rental from the brands Nissan, Hyundai and Toyota. The only company we have in Europe that offers rental Hyundai and Kia just gas liquid phase 5 th generation, if you want to save nature and travel a maximum of miles at a low cost car hire choose luxurious Hyundai Sonata automatic rent or sportiness of Kia Optima automatic rent. All our cars are no hidden fees and no limited mileage car rental. We offer cars for rent and abroad, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Romania and throughout the European Union. We offer professional drivers with our or your car. For more information call or visit our website. +359876831441.

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