четвъртък, 24 март 2016 г.

Sofia car and bus 8 +1 rent. A wide variety of cars and bus 8 +1 bike home and abroad with and without a driver. Here the prices of rental cars in Sofia start from € 14 and go up to 220 € for our luxury car rental for special occasion celebrations, proms or your business meetings. We offer more than 40 vehicles of the - various brands and models. The only company car rental offering cars manufactured gas liquid phase luxury rental cars at low prices and low fuel consumption of gas from the brands Hyundai and Kia automatic gas. We offer family station wagons hire, petrol and diesel cars from low-cost and luxury car hire. But most importantly, our company car rental is guaranteed most - lower prices for car hire to value for money and an individual approach to each client market are over 20 years and guarantee that you will get more than you expect. For more information visit our site.

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